Choosing Computer Solutions, It's Like Having a Private IT Department On Staff Without the HR Headache!

Ever since our company began using their services, it's truly felt like having a private IT department. Their team of professionals is always just a phone call or email away, providing immediate assistance to resolve any issues we face. They take the time to understand our unique needs, then provide tailor-made solutions that keep our business running smoothly. One of the most impressive aspects of their service is their proactive approach to maintaining our IT infrastructure. They constantly monitor and update our systems to prevent potential issues before they become serious problems. Hiring a full-time IT department would have been costly and time-consuming for our small business, but with their services, we have access to top-notch IT support at a fraction of the cost. We highly recommend their services to any business looking for reliable, professional, and cost-effective IT support. It truly feels like having a private IT department at your disposal, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Don't hesitate to give them a try – you won't be disappointed!

Dr. Jane Cossar DMD Town Lake Dental
Pooler GA

Computer Solutions, Inc: Expertise in Dental Software and Technology

Computer Solutions, Inc specializes exclusively in dental practices, ensuring they have a deep understanding of our technology and operational needs. They meticulously maintain records of all maintenance tasks and issues, enabling our office to continue functioning without disruptions while they work to resolve problems in the background. Their familiarity with dental software and technology, along with the reasons behind its usage, is unparalleled. Computer Solutions, Inc has equipped us with a team of highly skilled technicians who deliver comprehensive IT services tailored to our dental practice. Their expertise and dedication make them the go-to choice for any dental office seeking seamless technology support.

Kimberly Lavelle Miller Office Manager Claxton Family Dental
Claxton GA

“I Really Like all of The Things Computer Solutions, Inc Works On Behind The Scenes, Like Security, And HIPPA…”

The peace of mind we experience knowing that Computer Solutions, Inc is constantly working behind the scenes is invaluable. Their commitment to keeping our systems secure and adapting to ever-changing technology ensures our protection, even when we don't grasp the technicalities. Their clear communication and daily backup confirmation emails offer reassurance that everything is running smoothly.

We appreciate their technicians' ability to understand and resolve our issues without requiring us to use technical jargon. Their prompt response time, often within hours rather than days, demonstrates their understanding of our specific needs in the dental industry. Their behind-the-scenes work on security and HIPAA compliance is essential, as these aspects are always evolving.

We highly recommend Computer Solutions, Inc for their all-inclusive approach to hardware and software support. They eliminate the need for us to mediate between different service providers, as they efficiently address issues directly with software companies when needed, saving us time and effort.

Lastly, Computer Solutions, Inc's pricing model doesn't charge per incident, which alleviates our concerns about costs when problems arise. We can rely on their support whenever we need it, without worrying about the expense. Their dedication and expertise make them an essential partner for any business seeking comprehensive IT solutions.

Daniel Davis Thurston Group Dental Investment Group
Chicago IL

“We Use Computer Solutions Because They Understand and Do Dental Offices, Are Responsive To Our Needs, And Are Time Sensitive When Getting Us Up And Running.”

"Choosing Computer Solutions has been a game-changer for our dental practice, as their swift problem resolution and in-depth understanding of dental software set them apart from other IT companies." The speed at which they address our concerns provides a sense of security, as they understand the urgency of keeping our computers operational.

With their exclusive focus on dental offices, Computer Solutions possesses unparalleled knowledge of dental software and technology companies. They not only resolve issues efficiently but also offer valuable advice on when to upgrade or wait. This specialization ensures that they are well-versed in dental-specific challenges.

We will always rely on Computer Solutions for their dedication to dental offices, responsiveness to our needs, and commitment to getting us back up and running promptly. Their punctuality and effective problem-solving are exceptional compared to other IT companies we've encountered. For any dental practice, Computer Solutions is the go-to choice for top-notch IT support.

Maggie Denney Office Manager Effingham Smiles
Rincon GA

"In the world of dentistry, it's reassuring to know that they've probably already dealt with similar issues before."

Choosing Computer Solutions, Inc has been a game-changer for our dental practice, as their proactive monitoring and maintenance through their Total Care support ensures our office computers run smoothly. When we face an issue, a quick email elicits an immediate response, and the annual assessment of all supported computers helps me, as the owner, stay informed about aging equipment and necessary upgrades without any unexpected surprises.

Their response time is outstanding, with urgent needs addressed promptly – a marked improvement from our previous vendor's multi-day wait time for service. On less busy days, the Computer Solutions tech team efficiently works through a scheduled "punch list," accommodating our office schedule seamlessly.

In the dental field, it's comforting to know that they've likely encountered similar issues before. If not, they undoubtedly have the resources to work with software and hardware specific to our industry, providing exceptional support tailored to our needs.

Dr. Brian Beaudreau Townlake Dental
Pooler Ga

"I wouldn't remain loyal to a company or individual for over a decade if I weren't satisfied with their performance. As a dentist, I expect near-perfect results, or at least something very close to it."

Having Computer Solutions, Inc on board gives me peace of mind, knowing I don't need to worry about computer issues, as they have it covered. On several occasions, they've informed me of server downtime and resolved it before it impacted my work, saving me stress and time. I'm confident knowing that my backup is taken care of, and if I have any issue, their team responds quickly and efficiently.

I began working with Computer Solutions, Inc in 2017 when setting up my practice, and I've stayed with them ever since. Prior to that, I worked at an office that didn't invest in specialized IT support, so they used a generic firm with limited dental software knowledge. The difference in quality and expertise is evident when comparing them to Computer Solutions, Inc. Their technicians help me until a solution is found, even if it involves contacting Dentrix support directly, and they never pass the buck.

Their techs also keep me informed throughout the process, explaining any complications and their plans to resolve them. They always follow up to ensure the issue is fixed and everything is running smoothly. Many offices face challenges with IT providers, such as lack of dental knowledge, slow response times, poor communication, and finger-pointing. Thankfully, I don't experience any of these frustrations with Computer Solutions, Inc.

I wouldn't remain loyal to a company or individual for over a decade if I weren't satisfied with their performance. As a dentist, I expect near-perfect results, or at least something very close to it. Undoubtedly, Computer Solutions, Inc has made our lives easier and more efficient.

Dr. Christopher Comer DMD Savannah GA

 "The most significant advantage of Computer Solutions’ Total Care Support is the peace of mind it provides."

The most significant advantage of Computer Solutions’ Total Care support is the peace of mind it offers. It's reassuring to know they're constantly monitoring and ensuring we have the right protection in place. What sets Computer Solutions apart from other IT companies we've worked with is their hands-on approach. Whenever they're nearby, they make an effort to visit our office, checking in and making sure everything is set up correctly.

Dr. AJ Howard DDS J.C Lewis Health Care
Savannah GA

"It's rare to come across a company that genuinely cares for their clients, and Computer Solutions, Inc exemplifies that!"

Computer Solutions, Inc excels at addressing our issues promptly and efficiently. It's fantastic to have comprehensive support at my fingertips without worrying about being charged for every minor issue. I can call and trust that their technicians will resolve our problems under our service agreement.

With Computer Solutions, we can focus on our dental practice while they take care of our IT needs.

In the past, I've encountered IT companies whose technicians weren't familiar with Dexis, Dentrix, or Easy Dental, which presented a significant challenge. However, Computer Solutions’ technicians are well-versed in our software, making the experience seamless.

It's rare to find a company that genuinely cares for their clients, and Computer Solutions, Inc is a prime example of such dedication!

Dr. Chris Clance DDS Waynesboro Family Dentistry
Waynesboro GA

 "Computer Solutions, Inc ensures our operations run smoothly, with minimal issues."

We acquired our practice management software in December 2004, and since then, Computer Solutions, inc has been providing us with the hardware, installation, and round-the-clock maintenance. Looking back, it's hard to believe we've been working with Computer Solutions, Inc for 8 years.

What's truly remarkable, and we say this with a bit of caution, is that we've only experienced one 8-hour downtime, and that was for a scheduled hardware installation. We think that's quite amazing. Computer Solutions, Inc is available to our office 24/7, and they always resolve our issues quickly.

Whenever a problem arises, Computer Solutions, Inc is there to solve it. We follow their recommendations and always have them handle our practice management updates. We've never encountered the "hardware vs. software problem" dilemma, as they work seamlessly together.

Computer Solutions ensures our operations run smoothly, with minimal issues. It feels like a match made in heaven. We wholeheartedly recommend Computer Solutions, Inc. Their expertise in our practice management and imaging software is unparalleled.

Lindsay Sapp Practice Manager
Reidsville Family Dentistry
Reidsville GA

 “Computer Solutions, Inc primarily focuses on serving dentists as their clients."

The exclusive focus of Computer Solutions, Inc is on dentists, providing tailored IT solutions for their unique needs. Their Total Care Clients receive top priority when it comes to addressing unexpected issues. One of the most valuable long-term benefits they offer is protection against HIPAA hacks and leaks, an essential consideration in our world of ever-increasing liabilities, given the hefty $40,000 fine per patient for each HIPAA violation.

I have relied on Computer Solutions, Inc for years on an "as needed" basis. When they introduced their Total Care Support, I immediately signed up without hesitation. Now, whenever we face IT issues, we simply call Computer Solutions, Inc. They are able to resolve most service problems remotely, providing us with prompt and efficient solutions.

Dr. Eric Hodges DDS Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry
Hinesville GA

“Computer Solutions, Inc consistently delivers prompt and effective solutions!"

As a bustling, multi-doctor pediatric dental practice, we schedule more than 90 patients daily. For years, we struggled with persistent issues plaguing our computer network. However, since Computer Solutions, Inc stepped in and expertly "tweaked our network system," our 20+ network stations have been operating seamlessly with minimal problems.

In the infrequent instances when a problem does arise, Computer Solutions, Inc is always prompt to find a solution. Their dedicated team of professionals has been adeptly managing all of our "IT" needs, including daily backups, for over five years now. Their unwavering commitment to keeping our network running smoothly allows us to focus on providing top-notch dental care to our young patients. We couldn't be happier with the exceptional service and support that Computer Solutions, Inc consistently delivers to our practice.

Dr. Nicole Yates DMD Effingham Smiles
Rincon GA

 "We wholeheartedly endorse Computer Solutions, Inc, boasting a team of amiable and well-informed professionals!"

Reaching out to Computer Solutions, Inc's support via email always results in a swift response, which is highly appreciated. The technicians we interact with are not only knowledgeable but consistently helpful, and when we require on-site assistance, Computer Solutions never fails to deliver outstanding service.

Their team excels at providing clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the issues we face and the best solutions for addressing them. This makes it a breeze to follow their recommendations and keep our systems running smoothly.

We wholeheartedly endorse Computer Solutions, Inc, as they boast a team of amiable and well-informed professionals who consistently go above and beyond to meet our needs!

Dr. Roderick Dunham DDS Glenville Family Dentistry
Glenville GA

 “Computer Solutions, Inc Swift and Eager to Assist."

The most significant advantage of Total Care, in my opinion, is the peace of mind it offers when it comes to our computers. We can rest assured that our data is backed up and don't have to stress about the expenses of seeking assistance or handling the installation and repair of our systems.

Computer Solutions, Inc consistently provides prompt service and is always eager to help. They never make us feel inadequate, even if our questions seem straightforward. Computer Solutions, Inc stands out for their fairness and transparency, genuinely caring for our best interests rather than being solely profit-driven

Dr. Zachary Bently Chief Development Officer
Co-founder South Georgia Dental Management

"Computer Solutions, Inc's ongoing dedication to the performance and security of our system is more than worth the monthly costs."

Computer Solutions, Inc provides a status report on all our computers, which is extremely helpful for budgeting and keeping me informed about planning for updates. I appreciate the daily reports on our offsite backup, as it's crucial for me to know that we're protected from data loss. 0

The most valuable aspect of Total Care is the assurance that Computer Solutions, Inc is constantly monitoring and updating our network as required. It would be impossible for me or our team to stay up-to-date on safety, security, and the day-to-day performance of our computer system, as well as all our digital equipment. Computer Solutions’ ongoing dedication to the performance and security of our system justifies the monthly fees.

Dr Sydney Holcomb DDS Holcomb and Associates
Macon GA

 "We rest much easier knowing that Computer Solutions, Inc is handling our IT requirements."

Since we started working with Computer Solutions, Inc and using their Total Care Support, our concerns about reaching out to our IT team for any problems or questions have vanished. Before joining forces with Computer Solutions, we constantly faced uncertainty about the response time, and we were never sure if the person assisting us would be familiar with our dental software.

Now, with Computer Solutions, Inc, we experience quick and efficient responses from highly skilled technicians who are not only familiar with our dental software but also understand our unique situation. They provide exceptional support, ensuring that our IT needs are met with precision and professionalism.

For those who may be hesitant about making the switch to Computer Solutions, we'd like to share our experience of increased peace of mind and confidence in our IT solutions since partnering with them. Their commitment to providing top-notch service and expertise has made a significant difference in our day-to-day operations, allowing us to focus on delivering the best dental care to our patients. We sleep much better knowing that Computer Solutions, Inc is diligently taking care of our IT needs, and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated IT partner.

Dr Kyle Hollis DDS Claxton Family Dentistry
Claxton GA

"Computer Solutions, Inc offers prompt assistance at any time, excels in communication, and delivers personalized care tailored to our needs."

Computer Solutions, Inc consistently delivers top-notch, customized support from their highly knowledgeable and proactive team of technicians, ensuring that any issues we encounter are resolved quickly and efficiently. This level of service is absolutely essential for our fast-paced dental practice. Computer Solutions, Inc's responsiveness extends around the clock, providing exceptional communication and more personalized care than other IT firms we've engaged in the past.

While Computer Solutions, Inc may not be the most budget-friendly IT company available, the quality of their care and attention to detail sets them apart from the "other guys" who often treat clients more like numbers rather than valued customers. In choosing Computer Solutions, we've been able to experience a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in our IT support, making the investment in their services well worth it. For anyone considering a switch, we can confidently say that partnering with Computer Solutions, Inc is a decision you won't regret.

Jordan DiNola Chief Executive Officer
South Georgia Dental Management

"I would consistently opt for Computer Solutions, Inc due to the outstanding support and benefits we've received at an exceptional value!"

Computer Solutions, Inc delivers exceptional support and value consistently. Previously, with our former IT provider, we constantly worried about the costs of each call or email. The uncertainty of the charges often led our team members to ignore IT issues. However, with Total Care support, we can seek help when we need it without fretting over forthcoming bills. Surprisingly, switching to Computer Solutions saved us money overall.

Computer Solutions, Inc worked diligently to enhance our office's efficiency and reduce the amount of continuous backup needed. They accommodated our every request within our budget by choosing the best package tailored to our practice's requirements. Their patience and helpfulness were evident in every interaction.

I would repeatedly choose Computer Solutions, Inc for the unmatched benefits and support they provided at the perfect price point! Computer Solutions, Inc specializes in IT services for dental practices, so they fully comprehend the urgency of resolving computer issues when patients are in the office. Overall, they are an ideal fit for us!

Dr Chad Curry DMD Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry
Rincon GA

"Computer Solutions, Inc Provides Rapid Responses."

Computer Solutions, Inc consistently provides a swift response when we reach out for assistance. Their team members are not only kind, but they also exhibit patience and understanding when answering our questions. They make it their priority to ensure customer satisfaction in every interaction. Their dedication to providing excellent support has been invaluable to our practice, as we can always count on them to address our concerns and help us find solutions in a timely manner.

Dr William Faulk DMD Savannah GA

 "The advantages of Total Care Support for our practice are immeasurable!"

The advantages of Total Care support in our practice are immeasurable! I have been working with Computer Solutions for over two decades, and I can confidently say that all our IT needs are consistently treated with the highest priority.

Computer Solutions, Inc’s deep understanding of the dental industry has proven to be invaluable for our practice. They recognize the crucial need for us to deliver top-notch customer service, which relies heavily on the efficient use of technology. Computer Solutions, Inc has provided solutions for all our IT issues and concerns, significantly enhancing our practice's efficiency.

Their expertise is unparalleled, and they always strive to improve the quality of their customer service. Computer Solutions, Inc is, without a doubt, the best choice for our dental practice's IT needs!

LaShanda Murphy Practice Manager
Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry
Rincon GA

"Life becomes more enjoyable with an IT company that excels in dental technology expertise!"

The most significant advantage our practice has experienced since adopting Total Care support with Computer Solutions, Inc is that we encounter less downtime and fewer complications. In our bustling office, having computers or internet issues is a critical problem, so we recognize the importance of minimizing such disruptions. The primary reason this works for us is that we and Computer Solutions, Inc are on the SAME TEAM. They proactively work to ensure everything runs smoothly for us and operate behind the scenes to maintain that level of efficiency. Total Care also offers protection in Cyber Security and HIPAA compliance, which we have successfully entrusted to Computer Solutions.

Life improves with an IT company specializing in dental technology! Computer Solutions’ understanding of the unique world of dentistry saves me time and headaches. If the latest version of our dental software has bugs, Computer Solutions, Inc has warned me and advised waiting for the next release. They keep up-to-date with significant operating system changes, like Windows 10, and have assisted us in developing a plan to prepare for it. I appreciate their support!

Computer Solutions, Inc will only make your life more manageable. They have done many things to support our office, but one recent example stands out. On a Sunday, while monitoring our systems, they noticed they were down. The on-call technician contacted me to inform me of the issue. Unable to resolve everything remotely, he left his family event to troubleshoot our system in person. The problem turned out to be the internet service, and since we were aware, we could prepare and engage the internet provider on Monday. Thanks to Computer Solutions’ monitoring, Monday proceeded much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. It's fantastic to have them on our team!

Dr. Felix Maher DMD Savannah GA