The smart way to protect and preserve email

Email is a vital communication tool for businesses, storing a wealth of data while also being susceptible to spam, viruses, phishing, and other malware attacks. Many small businesses might be unaware of the associated risks or that they're subject to the same legal and compliance requirements as larger enterprises when it comes to email records.

Computer Solutions, Inc can help you establish an email security and archiving system that will:

  • Secure your email- stop SPAM, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware BEFORE they arrive in your inbox
  • Preserve and access emails more easily- online archive of all inbound and outbound filtered messages with attachments and flexible search features
  • Enhance operational efficiencies- offload massive storage requirements from your server
  • Make search easier - with full email indexing and seamless access to records

Comprehensive Email and Spam Protection Services to help you implement a robust email security and archiving system with features that include:

  • Fortify your email - block spam, viruses, worms, and other email-borne threats BEFORE they reach your inbox with advanced filtering technology.
  • Encrypt messages - safeguard sensitive information with email encryption that ensures secure communication between sender and recipient.
  • Streamline email preservation and access - an online archive featuring all inbound and outbound filtered messages, attachments, and advanced search capabilities.
  • Boost operational efficiency - offload substantial storage demands from your server with cloud-based email management.
  • Simplify search processes - with comprehensive email indexing and seamless access to records.
  • Secure email hosting - our secure hosted email solution allows you to maintain control over your business communications while benefiting from top-tier security measures.
  • Enhance email continuity - minimize downtime and keep your email flowing even during server outages or maintenance periods.

With Computer Solutions, Inc, enhance your email communication capabilities while preserving the valuable information it contains. Turn your email from a potential liability into a valuable business asset.

Don't leave your email unprotected. Start safeguarding your business communications today with our comprehensive Email and Spam Protection Services.