Co-Managed IT Services for Savannah and Middle Georgia Organizations

A new approach to IT Support for organizations with internal IT personnel.

Co-Managed IT support is customized, on-going IT services - specifically designed to support your in-house IT department, not replace them.

We work with your IT department to "co-manage" all aspects of IT. This enables your internal IT team to be more effective and efficient, allowing your IT leader greater peace of mind, and providing increased protection against downtime, cybercrime, ransomware, and IT-related compliance violations.

We work as your IT partner, where we customize ongoing services and support tools specific to the needs of your business.

Here are a few reasons organizations like yours move to a co-managed IT services approach with Computer Solutions, Inc:

  • No one person can know it all. With a Co-Managed partnership with Computer Solutions, Inc, you'll have a team of experienced IT professionalsto help figure out the solutions to your problems.
  • Want to relax during your vacationwithout worrying that things will fall apart when you're gone? Computer Solutions, Inc’s team can pick up the reins while you enjoy the much-needed downtime - without having to check your email 20x a day.
  • Save money and frustrationof costly IT staffing issues. Flexible support levels depending on the needs of your business.
  • Access to enterprise-level automation and management tools. These tools will enable your team to run more efficiently by prioritizing and resolving your team's problems faster and improving communication.

We do not replace your IT department, we help make them better by filling in support gaps, providing them access to professional grade tools, and on-going training to pass along to the rest of the employees in the organization so the entire company stays safe and secure.

Fill out the form below to set up a time to discuss if a Co-Managed IT partnership with Computer Solutions, Inc would be right for your business or give us a call at 912 303-8299.