calendar-151591_640If you are looking to expand a current business or start up a new enterprise the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your current business strategy and consider moving into exciting new areas. Review the following business possibilities to see where your interests and strengths intersect with these new business trends for 2015.

Make Mine Mobile

With the continuous evolution of tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices 2015 will be a year when individuals and businesses can generate success developing mobile apps. Mobile applications that work well with social media platforms are particularly popular and likely to result in good earning for their developers.

High quality mobile website creation is also in great demand. Today’s business must have websites that are easily accessible through smartphones, tablets, net-books and e readers as well as through lap tops and desk tops. Companies that can offer a seamless web experience will have happier clients and customers, willing to spend more on those sites. If you or your business can deliver a user friendly and engaging mobile websites for business chances are good you will have a major increase in that niche in 2015.

Fix My Mobile

Many businesses and individuals could really use reliable providers of tablet and smartphone repair. Too often these devices are treated as though they are disposable, when fixing a defect or damage could get them back up and running for a reasonable cost. Responsible companies and consumers would appreciate this approach over constant upgrades that cost significant amounts of money and are environmentally unsustainable.

Keep It Green

Consumer and business desire for greener solutions for products and energy options shows every indication of growing even stronger in 2015. Take advantage of this trend by developing streamlined ways for homeowners and businesses to embrace greener technologies. Alternative energy distributors will find many clients eager to reduce their use of fossil fuels and to work towards relying upon more renewable and reliable energy sources.

Businesses and individuals also want products that were created with a minimal negative effect to the environment. Recycled, reused and re-purposed are powerful words that describe the approaches the market is hungry for in greater quantities. Small and medium business can find many areas where an expertise in green products and services can be very advantageous all around.

Work Virtually

Freelancers and small businesses can fill the need companies have for everything from blog posts to virtual assistants. Those who provide the services have the freedom to work as much or as little as they desire and can manage. The individuals or businesses who purchase the offerings can meet many obligations without the need to add on site staff. A wide variety of businesses utilize this paradigm including online web stores, healthcare billing, customer service, online auctions and selling to name but a few.

Provision of the actual virtual services or curating teams of individuals who can provide services are both potentially lucrative. Design a virtual workforce based on what you or your business can offer in 2015.

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