Why you should repair vs buying new

New Computers are very inexpensive these days, but when you consider the need to move data and programs to the new system and the expense involved in that, it often makes more sense to upgrade and repair your current system. Whether it is a MAC or PC, Computer Solutions can repair and upgrade any make and model of computer.

If your computer is experiencing the following symptoms, Computer Solutions can help:

  • Slow performance
  • Power issues
  • Boot-up issues
  • Connectivity problems
  • Clacking or metallic noises
  • Freezing or not responding
  • Virus and spyware infection
  • Computer shuts down/restarts by itself
  • Overheating
  • Broken laptop DC power jack
  • Faulty motherboard
  • Keyboard damage
  • Hard drive running out of space
  • Cracked or broken LCD screen
  • Liquid Damage
What Brands do you service?

Sony, Gateway, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, ASUS, Dell, Apple and many other brands of computers.

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